A unique album presenting the art of Zdzisław Beksiński – one of the most fascinating and intriguing modern artists. The book was published in collaboration with the Historical Museum in Sanok – the heir and promoter of the works by the master of Sanok. The reproductions were selected by the Publisher as well as the former and current directors of the Museum, Wiesław Banach and Jarosław Serafin. The album is a deluxe edition: with a larger format, elegant graphic design, and over 500 pages. It features the best of the artist’s paintings, which were his ultimate means of expression. It includes both well-known, popular pieces, and new ones, part of foreign private collections, which have never been published before. The reproductions are accompanied by texts by outstanding tenor Wiesław Ochman – a long-standing friend of the artist, and Wiesław Banach – an expert on Beksiński’s oeuvre. The book received a remarkable graphic design by Prof. Władysław Pluta.

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Specific information

Introduction:Wiesław Banach, Wiesław Ochman  
Translation:Anna Basara
Graphic design:Władysław Pluta  
Number of images:530
Format:270 × 350 mm
Issue number:1
Year of publication:2021


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